We are also registered merchants for all Kwikot products [We therefore also supply standard Kwikot Electrical Geysers – which by the way most customers prefer (and continue) to install but have our solar system geysers complementing and serving as the comprehensive electricity saving solution].

For the ‘highveld’ (prone to freezing temperatures – thus potentially bursting pipework); the Kwikot Split Solar Indirect System Geyser is a suitable option.

This is preferred option for colder areas (where temperatures reach 4 degrees & below); as well as areas with a poorer water quality (excessive lime & mineral deposits). This system too is usually converted/retro-fitted to work in combination to an existing geyser.

a)   Full System 200 litre:

Retails at                        R18 415.56           vat incl.

Installation approx.                   R  5 000.00 +

Eskom Rebate                 R  3 856.00  -

Total:                 +/-       R19 559.56

(initial outlay = R23 415.56 vat incl.)

b)   Conversion Kit 200litre: (using existing Kwikot Geyser not older than five years)

Retails at                        R12 146.70           vat incl.

Our installers’ are generally charging +/- R5,000 for the Kwikot Solar Installations since these require a more sophisticated installation procedure. This system has to be ‘bled’ to secure the optimal expected efficiencies.

Note: The Eskom Rebate does not yet apply to this conversion kit. The rebate is pending given this solution is presently being tested.

The advantage of the Kwikot system is that it is aesthetically pleasing (only the ‘solar evacuated tubes’ on the roof are visible)

Also, Kwikot is locally produced and is a well-known South African brand.

Although this system appears far more expensive, it is indeed to be regarded as excellent value for money. Especially when comparing similar-priced options from other brands retailing between R20 000 – R40 000.

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